How the Zero-Based Budgeting method can change your life

Looking for ways to organize your monthly spending and earnings? The budgets you plan aren’t working? Looking for a side hustle to make extra money? Then maybe your answer is to better plan and adjust your budget… and you can do it with the Zero-based Budgeting method (ZBB).

Check out how the Zero-Based Budgeting method is a great option when it comes to organizing your monthly budget, and how the rewards and extra money you can get from Media Rewards paid surveys can add up to your list as an extra side income.

In a nutshell, Zero-Based Budgeting is a budget method that consists of allocating every part of your income to an expense. The biggest advantage of this method? There is small or no room for unnecessary expenses, which will make your financial life much more organized.

For example, if you earn $4,000 a month, your expenses should be exactly $4,000. How? Keep reading and we will explain it all to you.

First, take a notepad and a pen, and write down all your income (the main job income, small side hustles, and the extra money you earn with Media Rewards’ sweepstakes and paid surveys, or any other source of income).

Listing your income

  • Salary – $1,700
  • Media Rewards Earnings – $50
  • Freelance Side Job – $250


After this is done, you now need to list all your monthly expenses. After this, you should allocate a certain amount of your income for each item on your list.

List of your expenses

  • Rent – $700
  • Food/groceries – $300
  • Savings – $150
  • Debt – $200
  • Entertainment – $200
  • Health insurance – $100
  • Miscellaneous – $100




Once you are finished, you should have a total amount of $0 left. This means, for example, that after completing your list, if you have a certain amount of money left, it is time to allocate it to a certain category. At Media Rewards, we are all about savings and good deals, so this extra number would then be fit for the “Savings” category.

Why use the Zero-base budgeting method?

Having a Zero-Base Budgeting doesn’t mean finishing your month with zero dollars in your bank account. On the contrary, it means that all your earnings are correctly allocated and that unnecessary spending is less prone to happen.

Also, the “Miscellaneous” category would then be used for unexpected spending, for example, if your car breaks down, and you need to pay the mechanic to fix it up.

By using the Zero-Base Budgeting method, you will have more control over your finances and you will better visualize your income and expenses while enjoying more of your time with things you enjoy.

Media Rewards’s highly paid surveys and prize draws allow you to have an extra source of earnings. With these, you can extend your budget for the “entertainment” category or anything else rocking your boat. Check where you can use our gift cards and get inspired.

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