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Master Your Finances: Take Control with The Game-Changing 30-Day Rule

In today’s rapidly changing world, organizing and taking care of your finances can seem like an impossible task.

With rising prices caused by inflation, the monthly budgets must readjust. Often, better planning is all you need to gain full control over your finances. You can rest easy as we will be presenting you one of the simplest, yet most effective, saving and budget rules that will help you achieve your goals - The 30-Day Rule.

What is the 30-Day Rule?

Cool jeans on discount? A new PC game just got a 30% off sale? Oh, and what about the fantastic offer of 5 T-shirts for the price of 4? Irresistible, we know. However, if you follow the 30-Day Rule, you will wait 30 days before buying any of those items. Keep reading to understand why, and how this method will improve your finances.

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How does the 30-Day Rule work?

We all love a good offer, and whenever you need a new kitchen gadget or a closet makeover, searching for good deals is the best. However, the impulsive buying many of us experience may harm your finances and monthly budget. That is why today we are bringing you the 30-Day Rule, so you can learn a trick or two that will teach you how to resist impulsive buying and overconsumption. 

Imagine you are browsing for your favorite brand and you see a nice deal. By following the 30-Day Rule, instead of purchasing that item, you will wait 30 days before you do so. Taking this time will allow you to fully mature your idea and consider if you really want and need the item, and resist the urge to get an offer hard to resist.

During the 30 days, you should ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I really need this item?
  • Do I have already something similar?
  • Is it worth the price, or can I get something similar for a cheaper price at another shop (for example, at a second-hand shop)?
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If after 30 days you still want to buy the item, then you should go for it. However, if during this time you have a change of heart or realize that you no longer wish to purchase the item, it would be wise to allocate this money that would have been spent towards your savings instead.

Why should you use the 30-Day Rule?

Knowing that saving money doesn’t always come easy, we are sure that this simple budget and saving method will be your ally when it comes to preventing acquiring unnecessary goods that will only damage your finances and clutter your home. Ah, we almost forgot, it will also help your savings account skyrocket. 

Last but not least, with Media Rewards’s highly paid surveys and monthly prize draws, you can have an extra source of income that will undoubtedly be a game changer when it comes to crossing off wishlist items.

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