About Media Rewards

Our Story

The story starts when the founders are watching the Olympic Games, and in between sports TV moments, they were bombarded with irrelevant and annoying ads. Advertisers want to understand if their TV and radio ads are seen or heard. We’re always passionate about new ways of making some easy money on the side. The idea of Media Rewards was born; a new way for people to easily earn rewards, simply going about what they watch and listen to and taking surveys.

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Media Rewards is developed and designed in the Netherlands by people who are passionate about understanding how consumers appreciate media. Founded in 2014 on the back of the canals of Leiden in the Netherlands, Beatgrid is a fast-growing company that is at the forefront of the TV and radio revolution. The way people watch, listen, and engage with media has fundamentally changed. Media Rewards is seen as a trustworthy, reliable and privacy and user-centric cross-media audience measurement solution that offers marketers the chance to track cross-channel advertising efforts from a single source. We’re on a journey with a clear destination: we want to create the easiest and most passive way for consumers to earn rewards by passively sharing media habits and taking part in polls and micro surveys.

The Company

Media Rewards is part of Beatgrid, a global measurement and technology company providing audience and consumer measurement services. We are a trusted provider of media measurement for leading global brands. 

Our Partner & Clients

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Award Winning

Image of the Media Research Group Best Research Innovation 2021 Winner
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Image of the MFA Best Use Of Data & Analytics 2019 Winner
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Tmage of the IIC-2016 USA Finalist award

Our Team

We’re an ever-expanding and evolving company with a team of data scientists, creative app builders, data infrastructure programmers, marketing researchers, data plumbers and world explorers.

Happy Stories
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Check our FAQs

For prize draws, we gather your points at the end of the month. The prize draw winners will be announced through app message on the 16th of the following month, i.e. the winners of the September prize draw will be announced on 16 October. The winners will receive a link via the app. Winners can click on the unique link to enter a PayPal address to receive your prize.

Depending on your points, you can be invited to partake in surveys. Once a new survey is available, you will receive an email and app push notification for a survey invitation. Always try to respond quickly to survey invites, as the survey stays open for a limited amount of time.

Brands would like to have your opinion and measure if their audience has seen or heard their ads.

Your data along with all of your paid survey answers are anonymised for aggregated marketing research reports. For example “On average, shoppers between 25-49 years who have seen the McDonald’s TV ad 5+ times have a greater chance of eating a McDonald’s than those who have seen it 3+ times”.

Just leave your phone on, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your score determines your position (For example; TOP 15%). At the end of the month, we determine in which prize draw you will be entered. This also called point collection moment. You’ll automatically get a better score by leaving the app running in the background as much as possible.

If your name on the prize winners lists, you will receive an email within 48 hours after announcements to claim your prize. The email will forward you to a special webpage where you can enter your PayPal account. You will then receive a prize via PayPal. For gift cards earned by completing surveys, you receive an email. Click on a link within the email to claim your gift card for listed retailers or Virtual Visa credit card.