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Best Paid Surveys App – Introducing Media Rewards

Earn Easy Money While Watching Your Favorite TV or Netflix shows!

The day you have been waiting has finally arrived – You are officially witnessing the Media Rewards paid surveys app blog launch

In the past months, we have been assisting an increasing number of people asking “Which paid surveys app pays you instantly?” or “Which app gives real money?” or even “Which apps are best for rewards?” And the most important for us, “Is Media Rewards legit”? 

Answering these and other questions is essential for us, as it helps Media Rewards on our mission to constantly work to improve our app and essentially your experience with us. Additionally, we are sure that our app provides not only a high survey payment, but also a great user experience, and if you are still not sure, we will tell you why. You just need to keep reading.

Prize Draws, Paid Surveys & Rewards: How do they Work and How do You Get Paid? We Got You Covered

Who doesn’t love free money for… doing absolutely nothing?

At Media Rewards, we are proud that our prize draws are known to be one of the easiest ways to make money online, and we are here to explain how it all really works.

How can you participate in Media Rewards Prize Draws?

Did you think that paid surveys and rewards were all that we had to offer you? The answer is no. With Media Rewards, all you need to do is enable the Media Monitoring Feature. You will be able to automatically collect points, and we will do the rest.

Who can participate?

Any Media Rewards user that activated the Media Monitoring Feature is automatically included in the prize draws. Pretty cool, right?

How do you get paid?

Our payments are done at the end of the month in two different payment methods:

  • PayPal: $1000
  • Gift Cards: $50 and $100

When do you get paid?

The prize draws vary depending on the country you have your Media Rewards account allocated. Furthermore, there are different factors that may influence the amount of Media Rewards monthly prize draws according to each region.

Image of Media Rewards Paid Survey App Prize Draws Calendar

Grand Prize Draw

The prize draws take place on the last day of the month, and we announce the winners in the middle of the next month. For example, the prize draw is done by the 31st of January, and the winner is then announced by the 16th of February.

Prize scheme:

  • 10 x $50
  • 5 x $100
  • 1 x $1000
Image Media Rewards Paid Survey App Prize Draw Chart

How do we select the winners of the Prize Draws?

Regarding the prize draw winners’ selection, the winners are chosen randomly by the system. This means that we are not involved in the selection criteria.

Image of Media Rewards Paid Survey App Point System

How does the Point system work?

  • By allowing the Media Monitoring Feature to be on, you will be able to automatically collect points.
  • Just leave your phone on, and we will take care of the rest. You will automatically get a better score by leaving the app in the background. Yes, that’s right, every second of media monitoring will earn you points.
  • Enable points accelerators to increase your score faster.
  • Your points determine how you rank (Top-%), and if you can move up to the next level for more rewards and surveys.
  • The points you collect are valid for one month. After the month is finished, depending on the region you are located in, only 20% of your points (or less) will be transferred to the next month.

How often do we have Prize Draws?

Every month, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our three prize draws, taking place at different times:

Beginning of every month

  • The winners are announced by the 10th of each month.
  • 10 x $50.

Middle of every month.

  • The winners are announced by the 24th of every month.
  • 10 x $50.

End of the month

  • The winners are selected on the last day of the month and announced by the 16th of the following month.
  • 10 x $50.
  • 5 x $100.
  • 1 x $1000.

By being part of the Media Rewards paid surveys app community, you will be receiving emails with everything you need to know about our prize draws – who the winners are, when are the prizes paid, and much more! So don’t forget to keep an eye out for your email box.

What is Media Monitoring Feature all about, and how does it relate to rewards, paid surveys and gift cards?

In Media Rewards, we value your time and opinion. We are shaping the advertising world, and our users play a key role in making all of this possible. Our Media Monitoring Feature is our secret ingredient, and we are here to explain it all to you.

Our paid surveys app has integrated its own ACR technology. It is thanks to it that we can create a powerful and safe solution.

Our ACR Technology works through the Media Monitoring app feature, and it is designed to recognize only specific audio fingerprints, like a specific ad through your device’s microphone.

How is your microphone used?

By allowing this feature to be on, you will enable us to access your device’s microphone. Thanks to our technology, you can rest assured that all Media Rewards will do is recognize specific audio content from specific ads.

In a nutshell, this means that the Media Monitoring Feature will recognize once you are exposed to a specific ad from one of our partner brands. These ads have incorporated audio fingerprints, and that is what allows Media Rewards to only recognize it, and never any other sounds, which means that the app cannot identify, save, or record conversations.

What is Sleep Mode, and how does it work?

Whether you are a new user or you are already part of Media Rewards, you will probably wonder what is Sleep Mode and how it really works.

Our paid surveys app is designed to work passively. What does it mean? Basically, you won’t have to be actively using our app, you just have to leave it running in the background.

At Media Rewards, we care about making things easier and fairer for everyone, and this is why we have created Sleep Mode. The Sleep Mode will make the app suspend the Media Monitoring Feature at specific times. This means that Sleep Mode is active for all users at nighttime.

Premium paid surveys, gift cards, and prize draws – what do these have in common?

Now that you know what Media Monitoring is all about, we want to highlight what you can expect from it – Yes, be prepared because you have many great things waiting for you.

  • Boost your points – By enabling the Media Monitoring feature, your points will increase significantly, and so will your earning chances. All you need to do is leave Media Rewards running in the background, and we will do the rest.
  • Automatically participate in monthly Prize Draws – With the points that you earn, you will automatically enter every month our monthly Prize Draws. Being able to win the $50, $100, and $1000 Prize Draws, sounds exciting, right?
  • Premium Paid Surveys – Did you know that Media Rewards has one of the highest pay rates in the market? Media Monitoring is what allows our app to automatically detect once you are exposed to one of our brand studies. Once you are, we will be able to send you a survey about it.

What do our users say about us?

Curious about Media Rewards? We understand your curiosity, and we believe in the power of shared experiences. Take a moment to explore what our valued users are saying about us on Trustpilot, Google Play Store, and App Store. Hearing from others is always enlightening and can help you get a glimpse of what Media Rewards is all about.

But wait, there’s more! After diving into those reviews, we invite you to meet some of our incredible users who are eager to share their personal Media Rewards’s experiences. This is your golden opportunity to not only read but also hear firsthand what our current users have to say about Media Rewards.

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