Unlocking the Future of Media Rewards: Exciting Updates for iOS Users!

Unlocking the Future of Media Rewards: Exciting Updates for iOS Users!

You Voice Your Opinion and We listened

We are thrilled to share the latest and greatest updates coming your way for our iOS users. We heard you and we have been working tirelessly to enhance your experience with Media Rewards, and we are excited to introduce some game-changing features that will elevate your rewards journey. Let’s dive right into the details:

1. Media Research

Taking Control in Your Hands

In this new update, we are reintroducing the Media Research feature, easily accessible through its dedicated navigation button at the bottom of the screen. What’s more, you now have the power to toggle it on or off directly from the Home screen. That is not all, you can also access Media Research from the Prize Draw and the XP wheel counter. This gives you unprecedented control over your Media Rewards experience, ensuring you engage with the features that matter most to you. That is 4 different ways to access Media Research!

2. Revamped Prize Draw Page:

A Fresh Look and Enhanced Functionality

The Prize Draw page has undergone a stunning redesign. Now featuring a sleek vertical progress bar for weekly draws, you can track your point accumulation and unlock new levels for more coins as you progress. We have bid farewell to the old 7-day moving average, simplifying the point system for easier understanding. XP is now accumulated weekly, resetting after the Sunday Prize Draw, with 10% of XP carried over to the new week.

3. Point Accelerators:

Fast Track Your Rewards

Point Accelerators are making a grand return in this update. Tap the “i” icon next to each title to explore permissions information and seamlessly activate these accelerators. We are committed to making the process user-friendly, ensuring you feel confident granting the necessary permissions for an optimized rewards journey.

4. Streamlined Prize Draw Experience:

Say Goodbye to Categories

Gone are the days of bronze, silver, and gold categories. We have replaced them with an intuitive progress bar that showcases your XP, prizes, and your position in the draw. Three distinct slots are now available for Prize Draws, and you can unlock and participate in them as your XP Progress Bar progresses through each slot.

We understand that change can be a lot to take in,
so let's briefly revisit what makes Media Rewards a standout platform:

Media Monitoring Feature: Your Gateway to Rewards

Our unique ACR technology ensures that the Media Monitoring Feature remains a safe and powerful solution. By enabling this feature, your device’s microphone recognizes specific audio content from partner brands, boosting your XP and automatically entering you into monthly Prize Draws.

Sleep Mode: Convenience at Its Best

We have introduced Sleep Mode for a passive experience. No need to actively use the app – just leave it running in the background, and Sleep Mode will suspend the Media Monitoring Feature during designated times, ensuring fairness for all users.

Exciting News for Android Users: The Update is Coming Your Way Soon!

And for our valued Android users, fret not! We hear you, and we are committed to ensuring that you too can experience these fantastic updates. The Android version of this groundbreaking update will be rolling out soon. Stay tuned for an announcement, and get ready to enjoy a new Media Rewards experience on Android!

With Media Monitoring, you not only boost your XP but also automatically participate in monthly Prize Draws. And did you know? Media Rewards boasts one of the highest pay rates in the market for premium-paid surveys!


So there you have it – the future of Media Rewards is brighter than ever. We are confident that these updates will elevate your earning potential and provide an even more enjoyable user experience. Keep an eye out for the iOS update and get ready to unlock a new era of rewards with Media Rewards!

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